Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tentative Opening Date

Tentative opening date is set for 26th of March.
(Yes, it is NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!)
We have a bit of uncertainty -- can we make it??
May be we can.
Because we have such a wonderful bunch of guys working for us.

People from Locus are working their butt off (sorry for my language!).

Tonight, we stop by at Hibino to drop off some stuff.
Lights were on.
When we went inside, we found Yoji-kun from YT design!

He was installing the ceiling speaker on SUNDAY night!
Tears came to our eyes... thank you, Yoji-kun.
(His official job is a field manager, if I might add)

Now customers of Hibino can enjoy music!

Still lots of work needs to be done, but we'll do our best to pull this together.
We'll keep you posted!