Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We are Open!!

We are finally open!
This is the "Kinen satuei (anniversary shot? in English??)" right before the opening.
Hope you guys like us ;-)

My apology to people who came over yesterday.
Sorry for the bumpy service -- we didn't expect this much people to show up.
We'll try our best to smooth it up everything ASAP.

Our regular open time is 5:30 PM, but we'll be opening a bit late this week.
(probably between 6 – 6:30 PM)
We still have some touching up to do.
But if you don't mind a bit of unfinished look, please come over.
Our chefs are ready to serve you!

Yesterday's Obanzai Special were:
• Rice croquette with Eel and Shiso
• Tuna Tataki & Cucumber marinated in rice vinegar
• Roasted Garlic potato with Rice Brown Oil

I'll do my best to post the Obanzai Special on the day of.
(Not yesterday's... like this post)

Hope to see you around!