Thursday, April 5, 2007

Apology • Apology

This week has been turbulent.
We owe you Apologies...

This was Monday afternoon shot. There was no way that we could greet you in a proper space...

Jose was working hard, without Hama-san...

First apology:
We felt so terrible that we had to close the restaurant on Monday.
We want to be a DEPENDABLE neighborhood restaurant. We don't want to be the restaurant you aren't sure they are open or not till you get there.
[However, please allow us to make a excuse. Hama-san @ Locus had a back spasm (!) 2 weeks ago. So construction work is taking longer than both we & Locus expected...]

Second apology:
Our telephone line wasn't working last few days!
(We contacted Verizon, and started repair process a few days ago.)
Now the line is working.

We might encounter more problems.
But when we do, we'll do our best to fix the issue :-)