Sunday, April 1, 2007

First Week...

This is cutie-super-helper chef Chiaki holding our Fresh-made Tofu. She came to help our opening week all the way from Japan. But she is leaving us soon... We'll miss her so much...

Anyway, rainy Sunday night is a perfect time to recollect our first week.

First of all, we'd like to thank everybody who came to our place.
You would never know how much encouragement you gave us.
Hibino is our first restaurant/venture, so we weren't sure what would happen.
We had been speculating worst case scenario so many times...

Also we are so happy that we had many people coming from the neighborhood.
I heard people saying:
"We live down the block!"
"Came from just around the corner."
"Across the street", etc.

When we decided to open a restaurant at this location, we envisioned a neighborhood restaurant. As I said before in the blog, it is not an ideal location for the restaurant. But we though we could make it work if we could get a support from people live around.
It is too early to tell we can financially survive or not, but we are hoping to stay here and keep serving you a good meal at a reasonable price.
So please come over again! If you come, we can stay here!!