Monday, April 16, 2007

Otasuke-man: Mighty Helpers

This is Arisa-san.
Super skillful Sushi-girl!

This cute shy lady is Shiho-san.
She comes to Hibino after her regular work. She helps around every corner at Hibino.

This is Vicente.
He is a Sushi chef, but was helping serving & dish washing this day.

We are so fortunate.

As you already know by now, we are a very small capital restaurant.
(In fact, micro capital restaurant! It's a miracle we came this far..., really...)
So, we couldn't hire enough staff for the opening month.
We weren't sure how many people would come to eat at our place.
But if you hire somebody, (even if you have no money) you have to pay them.

For opening month, instead of hiring extra person (since we weren't sure of financial outcome of our place), we are having a bunch of helpers. They are friends and former colleagues of chefs and staff. They are chefs, waiters, and regular office workers. They equally contributed to Hibino's operation. Without them, we wouldn't be standing here (without any exaggeration).

I introduced some of them already, but we'd like to give our thanks to them again.
Thank you so much, Mukai-kun, Choi-kun, Jin-kun, Xue-kun, Yanagi-san, Hiroshi-kun, Arisa-san, Shiho-san, Vicente!
And last, but not least, Chiaki-san who is in Japan now.

Hopefully, we can hire extra person very soon. So we can serve you faster ;-)