Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday, March 26th Special

Today's Obanzai:
• Chawanmushi - Steamed Japanese Egg Custard with Shiitake Mushroom, Asparagus and Shrimp
• Wakatake Ni - Simmered Bamboo Shoot and Wakame Seaweed [Pictured]
• NY Strip Stake with Mushroom Teriyaki Sauce

Today's Special Sushi Entree
• Salmon Oyako Don - Salmon and Ikura (Salmon Roe) over a bowl of sushi rice

Miso Soup:
• Shimeji Mushroom and Ingen (String Beans) 
Today's Special Desserts:
• Taiyaki - Fish Shaped Waffle Cake with Sweet Red Beans
• Strawberry Dorayaki - Pancake Sandwich with Green Tea Ice Cream, Sweet Red Beans and Strawberry