Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday, June 28th Special

Today's Obanzai:
• Ginger-Garlic-Red Miso Marinated Crumbled Salmon with Romaine Lettuce [Pictured]
Grilled Hanger Steak with Mustard Greens - Oyster Sauce
• Aji Furai - Panko Breaded and Fried Horse Mackerel with Satoimo Taro & Corn Tartar Sauce

Miso Soup:

Soumen Noodle (Thin Wheat Noodle)

Today's Special Sushi
Orata Sushi / Sashimi

• Soft Shell Crab Tempura Roll - with Avocado, Cucumber, Tobiko and BBQ Mayo
• Lobster Tempura Roll - with Avocado, Cucumber, Tobiko and Yuzu Mayo

Today's Special Desserts:
• Taiyaki - Fish Shaped Waffle Cake with Sweet Red Beans
 • Strawberry Dorayaki - Pancake Sandwich with Green Tea Ice Cream, Sweet Red Beans and Strawberry


Holiday Closings

We'll be closed from Tuesday, July 2nd
through Thursday, July 4th.

We will be open from dinner on Friday, July 5th.
From Saturday, July 6th, we’ll be on regular schedule.
Happy Indepence Day!!