Friday, January 26, 2007

Super model???

This is the interior model for Hibino!

We are not "lots of investors putting large sums of money" but "putting and scratching our heads together to cut corners" type of restaurant.

(Don't get us wrong: we will not skimp on our food!)

But we wanted to make Hibino as comfortable as possible within our very tight budget.
This seemingly impossible task was achieved by a very brave design firm "YT Design."

People @ YT Design are super nice and very very patient.
They listen to our repeated demands of "Can't we cut this?" "Can this be cheaper?"
They came up with the design satisfies both our financial needs and visual integrity.
They spent a very long time on our (in their scope) tiny project.
We can not thank them more...

Construction phase will start very soon.
We can not wait to see the model realized in the space!