Thursday, January 25, 2007

This is our new home!

We loved the location.
It is little bit out of the way (from subway station, Smith Street restaurants, etc.), but feels like more relaxed and as a bonus, have a cute playground right across the street :-)

May be it is not the ideal location business-wise, but we could see ourselves working here content and smiling. And we believe if we are happy to be here, our future customers can feel the good vibe and also could be happy.
(being happy is a very important thing for me, for you, and for everybody!)

We are creating Hibino from almost scratch.
In this space, we'll put the kitchen and build the interior.
Yes, it is lots of work (and lots of paper work....), but exciting at the same time.

If you have time, please check back on us from time to time.
We'll be reporting the birth of Hibino!
I would say, we just conceived.
Please follow us to the labor.

After that, please come to Hibino and see whether you can be happy here too!