Monday, April 23, 2007

HMF Project: In Need of Foster Parents

Finally, we (human kind) can feel the Spring, too.

Basil had a late start, but it is catching up.

Both "Tomato-chan" and real Tomatoes are getting bigger, too.

But sometime this week, I have to do a painful task.
I have to pluck out many of the sprouts -- so chosen some would have more soil and sun to grow. (May be I can wait a little more for Basil, but Tomatoes have to be taken care of, soon...)

Hmmmm, how should I make a choice?
I know I'll keep Tomato-chan.
May be I can bring "un-chosen one" to my home, so they can also grow.

Even in human world, sometimes you encounter this kind of situation.
When you are a chosen one, yes, life is great.
But when you end up on the other side of the soil, you could feel a bit sad & miserable.

I have an idea!
I'll talk to our staff and look for foster parents for these sprouts.

So each of them have a chance to grow!
(and our staff would have his/her own Tomato & Basil at their own home)