Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday, December 16th Special

Today's Obanzai:

• Stir Fried Spicy Harusame noodle -- Harusame noodle,Shitakemashroom, Carrot, and Beef
with Spicy Sesame Soy

• Saba no shioyaki -- Grilled Mackerel

• Bok Choy with Spicy Ground Pork Sauce

Today's Miso Soup:
• Snow pea

Today's Special Roll:
• Crispy Oyster Roll -- Panko Breaded Fried Oyster Sushi Roll with Avocado, Cucumber and Tobiko with BBQ Mayo

Today's Special Sushi and Sashimi:
Ama Ebi -- Sweet Shrimp, Season Just Started! Yummy!!
Longisland Local Mackerel