Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday, July 27th Special

Today's Obanzai:
• Sukiyaki - Sweet Soy Simmered Shredded Beef, Housemade Tofu, Gobo (Burdock Root) and Shirataki Noodle [Pictured]
• Yaki Shiitake - Roasted Shiitake Mushrooms with Chili Spiced Grated Daikon - Ponzu Sauce
• Age Bitashi - Fried and Ginger Soy Dashi Marinated Salmon Meatballs, Eggplants and Zucchini

Today's Miso Soup:
• Renkon (Lotus Root)

Today's Special Sushi:
• Soft Shell Crab Tempura Roll - with Avocado, Cucumber, Tobiko and BBQ Mayo
• Katsuo (Bonito) Sushi / Sashimi
• Sea Trout Sushi / Sashimi

Today's Special Dessert:
• Taiyaki - Sweet Red Bean Filled Fish-Shaped Waffle Cake
• Dorayaki - Pancake Sandwich with Fresh Strawberries, Azuki Sweet Red Beans and Green Tea Ice Cream