Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday, February 8th Special

Today's Obanzai:
• Mizore Ni - Ginger Soy and Grated Daikon Simmered Spanish Mackerel and Grilled Housemade Tofu [Pictured]
• Age Dashi Mochi - Fried Mochi (Rice Cake) with Soy Dashi
• Flash Sauteed Cucumber Salad with Wakame Seaweed, Housemade Tofu - Shichimi Spiced Sesame Sauce

Today's Miso Soup:
• Tofu and Wakame Seaweed

Today's Special Entree:
• Tender Pork Cheeks Tonkatsu - Panko Breaded and Fried Soy Simmered Tender Pork Cheek Cutlets with Shredded Cabbage, Grated Daikon-Ponzu, Sweetened Soy Sauce and Red Miso Sauce
Today's Special Sushi:
Red Snapper (Madai) Sushi / Sashimi
• Toro (Fatty Tuna) Sushi / Sashimi
Aji (Horse Mackerel) Sushi / Sashimi
Orata Sushi / Sashimi
 Negi Toro Roll - Fatty Tuna and Scallions
Lobster Tempura Roll - with Avocado, Cucumber and Yuzu Mayo
• Fried Oyster Roll - with Avocado, Cucumber and BBQ Mayo

Today's Special Desserts;
• Strawberry Dorayaki - Pancake Sandwich with Green Tea Ice Cream, Sweet Red Beans and Strawberry