Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday, June 13th Special

Today's Obanzai:
• Tai no Kabuto Ni - Simmered Japanese Red Snapper Head with Gobo Burdock Root [Pictured]
• Salmon Toji Age - Yuba(Tofu Skin) Wrapped Fried Salmon-Okara(Soy Pulp)-Whitefish Spring Roll
• Age Takoyaki Balls - Fried Octopus Fritters

Today's Miso Soup:
• Enoki Mushroom

Today's Special Entree:
• Shouyu Ramen - Soy-Based Ramen Noodle Soup with Roasted Pork Loin Slices, Menma(Seasoned Bamboo Shoot), Scallions and Nori Seaweed - Stock made with various seafood and pork

Today's Special Sushi:
• Aoyagi (Orange Clam) Suhi/Sashimi
• Mentaiko (Spiced Cod/Pollock Roe) Sushi/Sashimi
• Tuna Tatsuta Age Roll -Soy Seasoned Fried Tuna with Avocado and Greens - Yuzu Mayo
• Soft Shell Crab Tempura Roll- Avocado, Cucumber, Tobiko and BBQ Mayo
• Negi Toro (Toro and Scallion) Roll

Today's Special Dessert:
• Taiyaki - Red Bean Filled Baked Fish-Shaped Cake