Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday, December 29th Special

Today's Obanzai:
• Roasted Edamame Salad - Roasted Edamame,Brussel Sprouts and Grape Tomato with Garlic Flavor [Pictured]
• Maguro no Taitan - Ginger Soy Simmered Tuna
• Oden - Simmered Daikon Radish, Tamago (Hard Boiled Egg), Atsuage (Fried Thick Tofu), and Konnyaku (Yam Cake)

Today's Miso Soup:
• Home-made Tofu with Wakame Seaweed

Today's Special Sushi:
• Lobster Tempura Roll - with Avocado, Cucumber, Tobiko, Yuzu Mayo
• Fried Oyster Roll - wiht Avocado, Cucumber, Tobiko, BBQ Mayo
• Ama-Ebi - Sweet Shrimp Sushi/Sashimi

Today's Special Dessert:
• Taiyaki - Fish-Shaped Sweet Red Bean Filled Baked Cake
• Strawberry Dorayaki - Pancake Sandwich with Fresh Strawberries, Sweet Red Beans and Green Tea Ice Cream